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Protecting your Bitcoin investment from the ups and downs of the market. Bitcoin Price Lock is simple, your price is locked in when you join. If the price of bitcoin goes down, your price is locked in, you never lose value, if it goes up you profit.

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Signing up is FREE fast, protecting your bitcoin's value is easy. Join today and protect your bitcoin.


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There are no strings attached. If bitcoin goes down you are paid the difference at term.

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We charge one small fee for our service & % of the profit when value goes up. No hidden costs.

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100% Security, Bitcoin stays in your own wallet. We only verify it is in your wallet. Use it as you want.

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Register for a FREE account, it takes 2 minutes, no personal information required.

Select the amount of bitcoin you want to lock in the price on. The days rate lock is set. No restrictions, use your bitcoin all you want. The term is 1 to 12 months. End of the term, if the price is lower you get the difference in bitcoin, if it is higher you profit and we profit (we get 10% of the profit only).

Bitcoin Price Lock

Protecting your Investment in Bitcoin in Today''s Volalile Market

Protecting your investment in bitcoin is not a why would you question, it's a simple "Why wouldn't You". Take 5 minutes today and protect your investment, it's that easy. Your bitcoin is safe and secure in your own wallet and you keep using it as you want.

Bitcoin Price Lock Terms & Prices

Terms, Prices & Process, clearly stated easy to follow.

*Register for a FREE Account (no personal information required * Decide the amount of bitcoin to price lock * select the term 30, 60, 90 days *bitcoin price is set * Pay the lock fee * Fee paid from wallet that holds the bitcoin you are ordering price lock for * We verify the amount in the wallet by the sending wallet address on the blockchain. * There is no restriction on for your use your bitcoin * At term, remaining original bitcoin current price is matched to lock price. * If bitcoin price is lower than lock price, bitcoin is transferred to your wallet to make up the difference * If bitcoin price is higher, Bitcoin Price lock gets 10% of the difference between the lock price and the current price. * Fee for Price Lock Service 5% of total value at time of price lock and 10% of value if above price lock set value. .

Contact Bitcoin Price Lock

This is for general information only. Account holders use our live chat or direct email address, ensure to have your account number on hand. We never ask for any personal information.

Bitcoin Transactions are by nature anonymous, the whole point of cryptocurrency. We do not ask or accept any personal information from our users. In doing so we would be legally bound to disclose our users personal information upon legal subpoena. Therefore we do not provide phone support. We do provide, a support ticketing system, live chat support and email support; all are anonymous.